Today Was a Good day

I went to sleep dreading today. The hospital where I work was hosting two visiting specialists and I was worried things would not go well. It is rare to have two specialists on the same day because we have limited space. The docs had to split exam rooms, there was double the patient flow, two support team working in the hallways and a full lobby. One person was stirring the pot about the cramped situation, which wasn’t helping. Dissension in the ranks is never a good thing. One person can become like the proverbial fly in the ointment. However once our fly left, the day went rather well.

A few of my former patients (from when I worked at a PCP’s office) had appointments and it was nice to see them again. Everyone was relatively pleasant and we had no upset folks despite the docs running a tad behind. The staff stayed positive and we tackled the day which was a great feeling. I got off late but I felt at peace with how everything went.

With so many different folks coming and going, you see a different slice of humanity. Our specialists were orthopaedics and podierty. The day was all about bones, joints and foot care. I saw full spectrum of physical mobility too. One of our patients put in perspective as she watched another older patient struggle to stand and walk. She said, “I see things like that and my problems don’t seem very big. I have macular degeneration in one eye…I’m having an injection in that eye tomorrow but my body still works. I still have my health.”

She was right. Despite the frustrations in our day or the personal problems waiting at home, appreciating our blessings can certainly change one’s perspective.

I ache often, I feel tired a lot of the time and my mood is affected by this. Lately I have been feeling run down and have lost my zest for what I am doing but today was different. I felt invigorated. The positive energy from some of the patients we saw today was a welcomed change. Even the normally grumpy patients were a bit kinder. Today was a good day.