Feeling Good.

I usually take time to write when something is bothering me or when something is on my mind (hence the name of my blog!). Today, I’m writing because I am feeling pretty good. It’s a great realization when you can say, “Ya know? Things are alright and I’m feeling OK with myself.” I’ve not always been OK. If you’ve read any of my past posts on my blog, I talk often about my challenges with having positive mental health.

Today, I had an appointment with my therapist. In the hours before my appointment, I was really trying to think about something to talk about. I was feeling almost anxious because I like to have something to work on when I go to therapy. We did have things to talk about and it was a really nice chat. I left feeling very positive about some of my recent decisions and I felt there was less “guidance” needed this session. I feel better equipped to recognize unproductive thoughts and I’m able to turn my negativity around.

I recently found a YouTube channel called The Kilted Coaches. It is ran by two lovely gentlemen from Scotland and yes, they wear kilts! Their goal is to spread ideas for health and happiness. I like all their videos but the Mindset Monday videos are my favorite. This past week, the idea of the MM video was choosing to be happy. Basically the gist of the video was: rotten things do happen but we are in control of how we react to those situations. This idea was mentioned briefly in a different Mindset Monday video I’d watched earlier in the week. I soon had an opportunity to put this advice to the test.

This past Wednesday, I was late to work and was rushing. There was a driver on the road who made me angry. When I got to work, I was frustrated and not a happy gal. I then remembered the video I’d watched and I realized I had a choice. Would I let frustration ruin my day or would I dismiss it and choose to be happy? Just having that question in my mind helped me put the frustration away. I ended up having a really good day after I chose to dismiss the anger born from those few moments in my morning. I like having videos which act as a reminder of things I’ve learned in therapy. It makes those lessons easier to retain and keeps them fresh in my mind.

Hope you all are well.