Yesterday was the fist day of Spring! I love Springtime and I love all of the flowering trees. Living in Arizona, the trees started flowering around the first of March and its been so beautiful outside. The weather has been warmer (in the 50’s F) and although my allergies are kicking up, I still love this time of year!

I read a post on Instagram which basically said this is the time to start planting what you want to have happen in your life. (Click here for original post) That spoke to me because I have felt so completely stuck and trapped in my current existence. What a frustrating feeling that has been. I know good things are afoot but I am rather impatient as a rule and can’t always see the progress. A friend of mine calls this “Verruca Salt syndrome” (a nod to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s character).

We live in an “I want it now!!” society unfortunately. Sometimes we can be quite critical of ourselves and our slow progress. I know I see other people’s lives on social media and I think “Wow, look at them. They’ve got their shit figured out”. I have to step back and remind myself (regularly) that most folks show tend to show the best version of themselves online. Many try to leave the dark cloud moments off social medial because they are afraid they will look like a sad sack. It’s in our nature to only show our best face. Social media is not usually an accurate representation of what is happening in a person’s actual life.

Back to that post I read…..

The idea of putting forth energy or “planting seeds” of what I want manifested in my life made my heart swell. It gave me hope because this means I have the power to change where I am in life. I’ve always had this power but sometimes, the reminder is greatly needed. I have the power to be happy and to feel alive again. I have the power to create and use my abilities to help people. I have a chance of true happiness and peace of mind. I have the chance to be financial security for a change. A career change can actually happen. We will be able to move and somehow all the scary unknowns will fall into place.

Life will get better (eventually, of course) if I can put that out in the universe and plant the seeds. That gives me new hope. Now the trick will be keeping my Negative Nancy in check.

Welcome to Spring!!