Lovely nostalgia

There is a blog, which I absolutely love and follow called the Unshaved Mouse. The Unshaved Mouse is written by Neil Sharpson. Neil started the blog by review Disney movies soon after he became a dad. His blog has grown to include films from Dreamworks & Pixar (and others who make kids films). I love Neil’s sense of humor and writing. There are many inside, running jokes throughout the blog which makes it a little confusing if you haven’t started at the beginning! As suggested in the FAQ section, start at Snow White and work your way forward.

This morning, I checked my email to find Neil’s review of Where The Wild Things Are. I’d honestly forgotten this kid’s book was made into a film. I remember seeing the book Where The Wild Things Are in our local dentist’s office. I was maybe around 4-6 at the time (can’t remember exactly). I remember thinking there was something bad about the book because there were monsters on the cover! (Thank you hyper religious background. It made me always on the lookout for evil.) My sister was reading the book and I was sure she was doing something wrong! Anyway, I eventually took a look inside and was mesmerized by the illustrations.

If you are not familiar with this children’s book, it’s about a young boy named Max who is dressed in a monster costume. Max misbehaves and his mom sends him to his room. The rest of the story is about Max and his journey to an island where monsters live. Max becomes their king, they frolic, many different monster encounters transpire and eventually Max returns home, to his room and present day life. The different monsters in the story represent the different parts of Max himself and the relationship with his mom and older sister. (I didn’t realize this until reading Neil’s review of the film. I was a wee child when I first read the book after all) That is a brief summary of the book which doesn’t do the story justice. I’m sure there’s a copy of this book at your library, if you are so inclined to check it out.

I love when things I read cause nostalgia. It’s not often I think back to when I was that young. Times were indeed simpler back then.